1010. I’ve decided to accept old age.

Here’s the bummer about getting old. You forget things. I was talking to Julie this morning and I couldn’t remember someone’s name or the name of a show I was watching.

It’s been bothering me even though my shrink says it’s normal and I’m only as batty as any other 75 year old person.

Just in case she’s wrong I have been watching Jeopardy every night and doing the New York Times crossword puzzles every day.

I ace the Monday and Tuesday but we shall not speak of Friday or Saturday.

All this in an effort to stretch my brain because I am anxious about this.

The this morning while talking to Julie I had an epiphany. Remember when I used to have a lot of those? Now they’re few and far between.

But here it is….

I’m not a surgeon or an astrophysicist.  Who cares what I say?

With Julie’s approval I’ve decided to chill.

From now on if I can’t think of a word I’ll just insert any word I do think of.

I’m in kind of a hurry now because I have to walk my couch and then I have an appointment with my lipstick.

3 thoughts on “1010. I’ve decided to accept old age.

  1. I can’t remember if I shared this lady with you or not. She’s a hoot and this particular post is relatable. Having cell phone issues. Will call when fixed. XOXO TaTa Sweet

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