112. Sometimes my blogs are boring but this one isn’t.

I got a call from my nephew Yitzhak (nee Eric) in Israel today.

He said “I usually keep up with what you’re doing by your blog but you haven’t been writing lately.”

So we talked about what is going on with our lives.

He told me a very interesting story. Actually a follow up to a story I’ve known for 25 years.

He has 10 children.

When his oldest daughter married a man from Brooklyn things happened and her husband severed her relationship with her family.

Now I must preface this by saying that we have a very close family. That is true with the Israeli family too so you can imagine the grief that my nephew, his wife and the other 9 brothers and sisters felt at being cut off from their sister/daughter.

That is why whenever they came to New York to visit me they tried to see their daughter.

One day Yitzhak was in his hotel room, it must have been Shabbas because during the week he stayed with me, there was a knock on the door. He opened it to 5 strong arm Hasidim (I know to us that sounds like an oxymoron) who pushed him around and told him he no longer has a daughter and to leave her alone and stop trying to contact her.

He was badly shaken up and his other children were horrified and very angry at their sister.

Now let me forward this to 25 years later, now.

Yitzhak’s son, Josh (It might have been Mordecai, I forgot to ask but he lives in London too,) was at a wedding and one of those men was there.

Mordecai/Josh spoke to him and said he would never get to heaven unless he got my nephew’s forgiveness. I, myself, didn’t know that Jews believed in heaven which shows where I stand on the good Jew ladder.

The man said he was very young then and had always been sorry and ashamed at what he had done.  He wanted Yitzhak’s phone number so that he could apologize.

Mordecai/Josh said that’s not good enough. You should face him.

Not too long ago my nephew is in his house when the doorbell rings.  It was the guy.

He said he was coming from some City (I forgot where) and on my way to another place and I made this side trip to Israel (no where near either place) to beg your forgiveness for what I did that night.

Yitzhak’s answer “I forgave you 25 years ago”

There was more talk. Yitz invited him in for coffee. The guy punched him and ran away.

Just kidding. The guy thanked him but said he had to get back to the airport.

Back to the phone call.

I asked him about the elections in Israel and what the story with Netanyahu was.

He said he’s like Trump but he’s done some good things.

He then asked what I thought about Pete Buttigieg.

He said that he was very impressed with him and found him mesmerizing.

Knowing how the Hassidim think about homosexuality, I was really surprised by this answer.

He said “I think he could possibly win. From what I see of all the hates in America homosexuality seems to be becoming much more acceptable.

I said there is a lot more Jew hating here than before.

He said he knows.

Which is why readers I am changing my name to Mary Catherine.

My nephew Yitzhak and 3 of his children. I love them so much.






10 thoughts on “112. Sometimes my blogs are boring but this one isn’t.

  1. Actually was kinda interesting. Don’t worry though because after I move back to NY you’ll have plenty of salacious stories to blog about.

  2. Hysterical Mattie!! A great story!!!!Still laughing about the β€œhe punched him” part!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. Nothing worse then losing a child to a new spouse’s anger and jealousy. You can always pray for a divorce. that’s what worked in my family/

  4. You may want to reconsider the Mary Katherine, and go for John Paul or Thomas George. We lapsed-Catholic women are not feeling too great about the state of the US either, with all of its various hatreds, including anti-Semitism, being eagerly advanced by the current regime. The Handmaid’s Tale seems like a documentary-in-waiting. I am very impressed with Pete Buttigieg, his teacher husband Chasten, and their rescue dogs Truman and Buddy.

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