10017. My family is better than yours. No offense meant.

Yesterday Julie and I visited our cousin Barbara.

She’s really sad because her husband of a thousand years passed away recently.

Aside from being a great guy, a great husband, father, grandfather etc he was a really big deal.

I think you should look at this article from the Hollywood Reporter to see just how big a deal he was:


As any of you who have followed me here or on Facebook notice, I haven’t mentioned Phil until his passing.

I have however talked about my cousin Barbara who wrote the now iconic phrase, “In space no one can hear you scream”  incessantly.  Sometimes praising her and sometimes taking credit for her genius.

Here is the poster designed by Phil with Barbara’s immortal words on it


For example I think she mentioned to me that she had written a phrase for the movie “Alien” that went  “In space it’s really quiet. Like no noise.”

I’m pretty sure I answered “Yeah, in space no one even can hear you scream”.

It went something like that I think.

Now if you looked at that Hollywood Reporter thing, (and I hope you did because you ain’t paying for this so if I ask you to do something you really should ) and if you’re wondering why I didn’t mention Phil more than I did it’s simply this.

Phil, though very much loved and made me laugh a million times. He once said that he had a walk in closet if you didn’t mind standing on shoes and getting hit in the head with hangers, he was not related to me by blood. Ergo he couldn’t give me a kidney.

My cousin Barbara, on the other hand, has offered me body parts many times through the years.

Hence I keep her in the loop.

I have to say that even though her health isn’t what it was and she’s really sad about losing Phil she is still one of the lucky ones.

She has loads of devoted children, grandchildren and a wonderful sister and nieces and nephews and cousins who adore her.

It was so great seeing her yesterday. She loves to laugh and we have so many people in common that we can trash together.

Oh I forgot to discuss with her our mother’s friend Dora who got caught stealing a can of tuna from Shopwell.

Next time.


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