6/23/20 How I became the leader I am today

I guess it started when I was in camp Highmount at about age 8 and went to the prom with 3 boys all of whom mutinied because I was “too bossy”.

If those little shits stood on top of each other they weren’t as tall as I was.

Of course I took command.

I did have a bit of a set back in the fifth grade when I was sitting in between David Gillis and Richard Sheslow and I farted during Assembly.

It was only temporary because I’m pretty sure I covered it up with a loud “Ahem”.

I was a bit slow in developing so in the seventh grade I wore a bra with blow up falsies only to discover due to Richard Rubin’s hysterical laughter while on the lunch line that they can dent.

Luckily I was able to wear my faux mink stole for the rest of the day.

My love of animals was not dwarfed by my sense of style.

I mean I was a trend setter. Practically no one wore fur in seventh grade.

High school was another place that I soared.

I was extremely popular and not just because I put out.

I went to Music and Art which was not only a hippy school but where I gained my first success.

I completed 3 years of french without being able to speak more than one or two words of it.

Obviously one of those words was “oui”.

Overcoming setbacks  is just a bit of what made me who I am today, a very beautiful and accomplished social drinker who is absolutely loving the fact that I can stay in my house without making up excuses to all of my fans.

Now Zen


BTW a tip to you gardeners. Do not plant mint. It is useless and takes over your garden.




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