1/6/21. Today is my birthday

Normally I’d be having lunch with my bff’s Susan and Ronny and dinner with a bunch of my family.

But not today.

Still I woke up to a lovely gift from Georgia.

I had a Call from Stephanie with a song. She followed it up with “How old are you anyway?”

“Seventy seven”

“Whoa, that’s old” she said

Then Julie called and sang and reminded me that I have the same birthday as Eric trump.

So that’s it for answering my phone.

So I guess I’ll just have a Covid birthday.

Have breakfast, walk my dog, watch the hot parts of Bridgerton a few times and finish the day with the melodious voice of vice president pense declaring that Joe Biden is the next President of the United States.

It will be so nice to use capital letters again.

So because it’s my birthday here’s 2 Zen pictures

11 thoughts on “1/6/21. Today is my birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Mattie!!! Always appreciate your perspective here. Is it true then that you’ve had this blog about ten years? That’s an accomplishment. Love to you, Louise

  2. Happy birthday, Mattie!! I’ve been reading your blog since mid-2011 and appreciate your take on the triumphs and indignities many of us also have faced. Or, that I have. Thanks for your thoughts and your daily doses of Zen. I hope there is cake!


  3. Happy Birthday Mattie! Hope you have a fun and delightful birthday celebration! Milt & I will drink a toast to you at dinner tonight! [Probably β€œUp Yours”] LOL… Frieda Hughes


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