1/31/21 Unanswered questions

In my last post I mentioned the tattoo on my doorman’s back.

My friend Mary asked me how I saw my doorman’s back.

I told her that he showed it to me while we were kissing but in reality I have no idea how I saw it.

I do know that he showed it to me and my nieces Sadie and Lily quite a few years ago but I don’t know in what context.

Another thing on my plate is the vaccine.

I finally got an appointment to get the vaccine at the Javits Center tomorrow at 2:45.

Now if you’re not from NYC (and I have no idea why you wouldn’t be) you may not know that tomorrow at 2:45 is the peak hour that a dangerous snow storm will hit the City.

Now after weeks of trying to get an appointment I’m being laughed at by the gods.

Woe is me.


My tattooed doorman and the princess

3 thoughts on “1/31/21 Unanswered questions

  1. Good luck with getting your shot tomorrow! I hope the gods clear the way for you to make it to the Javits Center. Leave early, and bring provisions.

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