7/12/21. Damn Snopes

So a guy comes to my apartment claiming to be a plumber.

He said he heard that I was having some plumbing problems.

Since my brain is like chicken fried rice I assumed that I had complained about my plumbing.

What I should have done was asked my Super, Lester, who this guy was but I had just called him fuck face and threatened to go to Florida to kill his parents because he suggested that he was going to turn off the a/c last week.

So you can guess that that wasn’t an option.

Plus the guy had a hat on that said “Plummer” so I figured he was okay.

I was watching the “Married 2 Medicine Reunion part 2” (not to be missed) so I didn’t pay much attention to him.


Later on I check to see if I have any more applications for my dog training school ($150 no refund application fee)

And what do I find?

Fuckin’ Snopes posted pictures on my website with the red letters FRAUD on it.

Sure Debby likes to rearrange the sofa cushions at n night but who doesn’t?

Giving a dog choices for dinner is only logical. Here’s chicken, turkey and streak. She’s a picky eater. See she hasn’t touched any of them.

Look plenty of people like to eat in bed.


Maybe today’s zen isn’t such a good idea.

Lucky thing I put “No refund” on the application fee.

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