5/21/22. I’m Getting Crazier and Crazier

Due to pleas from my fans ( someone asked my friend Susan “How’s Mattie?”) I’ve decided to start writing my blog again.

Here’s the rub. I’ve jumped into this covid ‘stay in your house and watch TV’ with both feet so I’m going to have to be creative to get your attention.

I hate to leave my house.

The fact that Debby doesn’t want me to has a lot to do with it since she runs the show here.

She constantly stares at me making me leave whatever spot I’m in and I go to a place that she’d prefer, like the couch.

I do it because who needs the aggravation?

It’s not like she doesn’t give back.

I’ve had some a/c problems and my Super Lester is constantly at my house fixing it. Luckily Debby is there to help him.

Frankly I’m not sure just how competent he is. I’ve never seen him fix anything without
Debby’s help.

My opinion on world topics

I was pretty sure we had cured all race and war problems in the 60’s.

Apparently I was wrong.

Since I’m 78 I’m doing what I can now.

As you know I wear BLM shirts every day, except for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

I will only stop doing this when I no longer hear George Floyd call for his mother when I try to sleep.

Anyway I was watching Dave Chappelle on TV and he said the only ones wearing BLM shirts are white girls.

So I started thinking. Am I a schmuck?

But when I walked my dog that very day a young black girl came over to me and said “I’ve been seeing you wear that shirt every day and every time I see you it makes me happy”

So fuck you Dave Chappelle.

Now I know you want me to react on the Depp/Heard trial.

Here it is.

They are both nuts.

Jonny had better lawyers and a better game face.

Amber lost the minute she admitted that she didn’t donate that money to charity.

Neither one should have gotten a cent.

See? This covid thing clears your mind of bullshit so you can spend your time thinking of important stuff.

Well that’s it for now but don’t worry there are world problems I am just aching to cure.

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