9/10/22. I Saved A Fly’s Life Today

And it’s only 9 a.m.

So I go into the kitchen, look down at Debby’s bowls and what do I see?

What appears to be a dead fly in her water.

Now I knew this would be unacceptable because Debby is a very fussy eater which is why I always give her choices at mealtimes.

Today we have chicken , roast beef and dry food (she never touches that).

I only put that there in case I drop dead so she’ll have something to eat that isn’t me until someone comes.

So I pick up the water bowl and put the fly on my finger only to find that he was just unconscious and was beginning to become alert. I hold him for almost a minute while he dries his wings.

He then flies (get it?) away.

Watching him I felt real affection. I will never swat a fly again.

This is not the first time I saved an animal from certain death.

In Florida I held a pelican while a fisherman cut the fishing line that was wrapped around his snoot.

I don’t want to call myself a hero.

That’s for you to determine.

I was going to rant about what a shitty dishwasher Bosch is but I wrote it on Facebook so I don’t want to kill a dead horse.

Which I wouldn’t because I am a …….you know.

Now a picture of someone who is NOT an animal lover.

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