3/9/23 The tragedy of emails

The other day I received a text from a childhood friend of my nephew and a favorite of my late sister Iris.

He had found a note that Iris had written to him yeas ago and sent it to me.

Here it is.

I forwarded it to the rest of my family.

Every single one of them, myself included, reacted not only to the sadness of the letter but seeing her handwriting

brought her back to us in a way that no email or text could ever do.

It brought to mind a collage that I had made years ago.

Little parts of this show the heart of my family history.

For example:

My father traveled a living. My mother wrote this to him on top of one of the kid’s letters.

It said “If I don’t get to talk to you soon I’ll burst. I miss you terribly (P)

And there’s this little note from me

Or this very informative and hopeful letter from Iris about our cousin’s new dog.

And Phyllis wrote

Marcia let my father know about the movie she saw even though she had shitty seats.

Look, these letters were all written in the 1940’s and will be of no interest to anyone who isn’t in my family.

But here’s my question to you.

What kind of letters can your children put on their collages?

Now everyone will need this after reading this boring blog….

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