17 Even Rejection Has It’s Perks

Rereading this blog all I see is a lot of whining. “I’m good, he’s bad, I’m loyal and sweet, he’s a craphead”

Now even though this happens to be true, it’s only fair that I tell you about some of the perks I’ve gotten from being dumped.

About a month ago a friend’s son, Andy Griffen, who also happens to be a terrific drummer called and invited me to hear music with him. He’s a kid I’ve always liked who spent a lot of happy times in Montauk when he was little.

Dave’s nephew and niece asked me to go to Graceland with them. This has been a dream of mine. I always knew that if only Elvis had met me I would have been the mother of Lisa Marie. Of course I was 11 and a little on the fat side but I  knew he’d see through that.

Dave’s college roommate, Carmon, invited me to accompany him and his wife on their anniversary cruise in Paris. He even sent me the web site so I could book it. The thought of the 3 of us dancing to “Anniversary Waltz” sends my heart aflutter. Can you think of anything more romantic? And the fact that his wife, though one of my dearest friends still looks like the playboy bunny she once was wouldn’t tarnish my time at all. I know that a lot of men find a bathing suit with a skirt very appealing so if I ever decided to go she’d better watch out.

And to top all this off, my nephew Matthew has booked me a special tour of the WHITE HOUSE this weekend.

What to wear? What to wear? I’m thinking something with a train.

I only know that if President Obama comes within 100 feet of me I will faint dead away from happiness.

Maybe life ain’t so bad after all.

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