23 The use of the word “journey” to describe your life is schmucky

It’s tomorrow and it is better. I’m spending the morning with my niece Julie. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

I got a message from a musician that I’ve known and really liked for many years. I could hear in his voice that he feels terrible for me. He’s the sweetest guy. He’s always kind and thoughtful and I’ve told him that a million times.

I want him and the people that care about me to know that I am aware that getting over this is not a straight line. I will have bad days but the overall journey is positive.

I was in a rut before. Life was acceptable and safe. For better or worse, it’s not that way any more. I am doing things I never thought I’d do. Even the bad days are more exciting for me than they’ve been in years.

As for the mouse. I’m going to try leaving a note on the floor explaining that his presence is simply not welcome. If that doesn’t work.  I’m going to put out a have a heart trap and when I catch him he’s going right over to Kodama, the scene of the crime.

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