24 Sometimes a cigar is a penis

I got 3 texts from dave.

Two were asking how he finds the number to pay American Express bills by mail and the other how to know when the payment is due.

I had another bad dream last night. I dreamt that I was at a concert and walking ahead of me was dave and the slut only she wasn’t in her fifties like he told me. She was 27 and beautiful. I don’t know how I came to the number 27.

I also don’t know how I knew this in my dream but when I saw them I was aware that they had been together for years for months at a time. The facts don’t suggest this but in my dream they did.

I walked up to her and started calling her names and punching her in the face.

Are there people who can translate dreams?  I’m wondering what this one could possibly mean.

One thought on “24 Sometimes a cigar is a penis

  1. It means this whole process has made you feel insecure… however, once the punching in the face began you quickly realized that you should be thanking her with every fiber of your being. You quickly repented and will live happily-ever-after… how’s that for an interp?!?!!! Just found your blog. Been there – done that – however, it was I who did the dumping… not for anyone else… just for me. Life is grand and never better. You’re learning your lessons well and I’m sure have grown immeasurably through it. Looking forward to continued reading… seems I have quite a ways to go.

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