26. With Friends like Him……

It’s starting to get weird. Mostly I’m ok but then suddenly I get sad. I guess it’s to be expected.

dave sent me a text yesterday. he’s coming over today. I”m dreading it. I hope that when this is over we don’t become friends. He keeps saying he hopes that we will and some of my friends, none of my family, suggest that that will happen.

I so hope I have more pride than that. Of course you can look at it the other way. If later my life is good why hold a grudge?  See why I can’t stand firm? I’m a noodle.

I’m trying to keep busy but with the new tv season starting it’s not that easy.

I spent yesterday helping my sweet niece Julie pack her kitchen. She’s moving to a new apartment. Why you ask? Because she’s living in a scary building filled with drug dealers and nice people. You just have to hope you are getting in the elevator with the latter.

The building she’s moving to is across from a park in a snooty part of town. It’s also walking distance from Violet’s school and my house which is making me happy.

I think you can sum up the difference in the apartments by saying that if she were to be without gas for 5 months and she called the landlord of her new building asking for some abatement in the rent I’m pretty sure the landlord in the new building wouldn’t call Julie’s husband a cocksucker.

I know he isn’t because I asked him when he drove me home yesterday. I got a firm “nope”.

2 thoughts on “26. With Friends like Him……

  1. Breaking up is so frustrating because there are no rule books, yeah? The only rule that ever worked for me was to try to be the bigger person. I found that I slept better, if nothing else, than during those break ups where I wasn’t the bigger person. There was a learning curve. And I think that you’ve done that – been bigger, more generous by far. The hardest part, if that’s the rule, is determining how big is big enough because, damn, sometimes I just wanted to be an ass back, and being big was only painful. It’s important to only be as big as necessary, and not an ounce more. Maybe…

    Also, you’re hilarious. “I got a firm ‘nope'”, indeed.

  2. Michael
    You said it. No rules and how long to take the high road is something I struggle with every day but man it felt good to yell at him the other day.

    It’s so kind of you to take the time to comment.

    And what you said made alot of sense.

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