31 Loads of people live on soup

Well I haven’t written for a few days.

I went to Montauk again with my nephew, Brian and niece (daughter) Cheryl and their 2 terrific kids.

Even though it’s October we spent most of the time on the beach and eating at terrific restaurants.

There was a slight cloud over my weekend because the doctor was asking for a few more tests on dave and though I think I hate him for this I’m scared that something bad will be found.

The whole weekend Cheryl was glued to the internet checking out his symptoms. I guess my family doesn’t feel as worried about him as I do.

I’d be reading my book and Cheryl would yell over “does he have itchy skin?”

I realize that if I think of anything bad happening to him at any hands other than mine it upsets me so I’m not going to think about it.

He made my weekend easier by sending me an email on Saturday saying that he was getting 2 implants and he had charged $10,000 to our American Express card. He had been putting this off for 3 years now it’s clear he wants to do it before our money is separated.

Why the hell does he need teeth? Japanese food is soft. It’s not like he’s moving to Germany or someplace that you really have to chew stuff.

I bet that slut is behind this. In that sex letter she sent him there was a lot of biting.

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