35 Something bigger than my little story

A few years ago I was installing something on my computer and they asked me to take a little questionaire to rate their service.

As soon as I put in my birthdate they said “thank you, good-bye”

To make sure I was right I started again making myself 20 years younger and the questionnaire continued on.

I was so outraged that I sent a letter to Steve Jobs telling him about all the complicated programs I run and how I’ve been a mac user since it’s inception. How dare they dismiss me because of my age.

About 10 minutes after I mailed it I realized that it wasn’t Apple but Cablevision that had sent me the questionnaire.

I immediately sent off another letter. I told him about the mistake and how horrified I was about my previous letter and that all it proved was that Cablevision was right. I should be dismissed due to age. This would never have happened to me 20 years ago.

A few days later I got a phonecall from Steve Job’s assistant. He was laughing. He said he had to call me and let me know Steve got the second letter. He wanted to put me out of my misery.

Steve Jobs R.I.P

2 thoughts on “35 Something bigger than my little story

  1. He was quite a man, wasn’t he? And you’re pretty great too. This process/journey you’re on has many twists. My hope is that you continue to heal, and I’m happy to see you met up with a high school friend!!! Take care of you.

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