36 In with the old

50 years ago I graduated from the High School of Music and Art. I was friendly with a girl named Rennie. She was funny and smart and beautiful. I just remember laughing all the time when I was with her.

When we left high school we all went off to college and she and I never kept in touch. Every once in awhile I’d wonder what ever happened with her.

Once I googled her and when I got on facebook I searched for her but as I suspected she was too hip for facebook.

Anyway a few months ago my 50th high school reunion took place. I was in no mood to go so I just skipped it. Even before this all happened I figured after 50 years no one was going to come up and say “Mattie you haven’t changed a bit”.

After the reunion I looked on line at the reunion photos. I didn’t see Rennie but I did see her email address on the class list.

Thinking she probably wouldn’t even remember me I emailed her anyway.

Not only did she but she was as glad to hear from me as I was to hear from her.

And here’s the remarkable thing. She is as clever and smart as I remember her.

We’ve been emailing for a few months and we finally met yesterday for lunch.

The funny thing is I’ve been limiting my contacts yet here I was jumping into something new. Very unlike me.

We sat for over 2 hours and talked over each other trying to catch up.

I was looking at her across the table and in a matter of moments I moved back in time.

Her face was exactly the same. She had the same dry wit.

Life had beaten us both up a bit but we were both in there.

I’m glad I made  this contact.

3 thoughts on “36 In with the old

  1. Love this: “Life had beaten us both up a bit but we were both in there.” And probably all the more beautiful and wise for the scars and bruises. Next time, provide a transcript, okay?

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