39 God Bless the NYPD

Religious ferver has turned me into a chatty Kathy.

I was just sitting here with free floating anxiety trying to figure out why. Then it came to me.

On Monday I have to discuss the division of property with dave that my lawyer worked out ( for some reason his taking my Rolaids didn’t put a period on this as I’d hoped.)

It won’t be pleasant because the very fact that I have a lawyer pisses him off so. Whatever she suggests he quarrels with. He thinks getting a lawyer showed that I don’t trust him.

How silly of him. Why would his going steady with a piece of shit slut put a chink in the armor of our love?

Anyway I feel nauseated at the thought of this.

I’m so scared. I worry about not having the money to pay my bills. I worry about having to pick the right people to help me.

And I haven’t even begun to deal with the idea of being not part of a couple.

But for every negative moment there is a plus. Yesterday I was in the subway (the poor me is limiting cabs) and a cop held the metal door open for me so I didn’t have to use  my metro card.

See what a friendly city New York is? Even the cops know when you’re at the end of your rope and they give you a hand up.

2 thoughts on “39 God Bless the NYPD

  1. Mattie,
    I’m recently single too… same deal. You sound so cool — I’m gonna have to come to NY and hang out with you!
    PS I’m not some internet whacko! I’m Julie and Claudia’s fb friend. Oh wait…

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