40 blah blah blah sob

dave dropped by yesterday. He was getting his cd’s so he could download them onto his laptop.

He told me that I could throw away any clothes he leaves behind. I’m thinking of all those cashmere sweaters that I gave him for birthdays and holidays that he was discarding just like “you know who”.

He was chatting about how friendly his harlem hotel was and that he bought a new suitcase. He said if I wanted to I could have the gold albums put in storage.

I told him that I liked them and until he found a home I wouldn’t mind keeping them.

He said he probably wouldn’t settle down to a permanent home until he was 75, in 5 years. Until then he’d move back and forth between Japan, New York and the boat.

He told me he’d be back tomorrow to return these cd’s and take others.

Then he got up and went back to her.

I cried for about 20 minutes after he left.

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