44 Oh damn. Now I have to start shopping for a wedding gift.

dave came over yesterday to discuss division of property.

I won’t go into details but I felt that I should get more of the division than he should because he is still able to make money. I am not asking for any alimony and I held up my part of the deal.

He agreed with me that I deserved it but he said  “I have to live too.”

I said “You will be making money. I won’t”. I thought “Nah you don’t HAVE to live?”

He said he won’t be able to make money in Japan for a period of time because he won’t have a work permit and he can’t take any money that’s offered because if someone hates him and reports him he would never be able to work there.

I explained that the only one who hates him that much is me and  I wouldn’t know who to tell.

When he started looking sad I started backing off. I said if it makes him that upset let’s just forget it.  Then the dave I knew said “Don’t let your generosity make you agree to something that you feel you need.”

I said “dave I didn’t stop loving you. I just don’t want any part of you”

“I love you too” he said that quietly.

I told him about the neighbor seeing him with his girlfriend. He winced and said “I’m so sorry”

He took the papers and went to the dentist. He said he’d be back afterward. the dentist is just down the block.

When he came back we started talking about the results from the doctor. He still hadn’t gotten them but he had stopped drinking.

I asked if he was prepared to stop drinking forever. He looked surprised. “If the doctor tells me that of course  but I don’t think he will. Anyway I won’t ever drink the way I used to.” This is something he’s always said after he is forced to stop for awhile .

Then I asked him about his plans.  We hadn’t discussed this for awhile.

“Are you intending to marry her?”

He answered “It would solve a great deal of family problems.(She’s obviously a very moral slut)  I don’t really want to but I guess I will. It won’t be any time soon though. You and I probably won’t be divorced for a year”

There was a little more small talk and then he packed up more of his cd’s and left.



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