46 It ends with a whimper

Well dave’s gone.

He came over to pick up the check and a paper he needed to sign. He’s leaving tomorrow for Japan for 3 months.

He asked for his snow boots and a bag to put them in.

He made a few phonecalls.

He told me he had a meeting scheduled with his partner Kawashima when he arrives in Japan. He told me that he’s just going to tell him that he’s just got to get him more work. He said “Listen, I have no contract with him. I’ve stayed with him for all these years out of loyalty”

“Well that ship has sailed for you” I said.

He laughed weakly. “I guess so”.

He said “When are you going to tell me your blog address? I can take  it”

“Never” I answered

He’s so fucking stupid. Everyone we know knows it. He only has to ask someone. If he ever called his sister, he could ask her.

So it was clear we had finished talking. I showed him how to write out a deposit slip. and we just stood there looking at each other.

“Nice knowin’ you” I said

“Nice  knowin’ you” he said


He did.

3 thoughts on “46 It ends with a whimper

  1. onward and upward. You deserve to be happy and have someone who looks forward to being with you, makes you smile and makes you feel good – or better yet great! Life is waaaay too short!
    love Patty

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