48 Here’s $5. Buy a clue.

I got an email from dave last night listing the other results from his blood test and asking me to forward them to my nephew and ask him what he thinks.

My nephew Barry is a doctor. He went to Cornell Medical School and he’s really smart. Although I had asked Barry already and Barry said dave wasn’t in bad shape, I found it surprising that he’d think anyone in my family would lift a finger for him.

I had my usual abandonment dreams last night.

My sister Iris had bought me an ipad 2 as a parting gift. Why she would give me a parting gift I have no idea.

Well actually I do. She abandoned me, along with my sister Phyllis by dying. I know they didn’t want to but nevertheless they did.

Maybe if dave had bought me an ipad 2 I would be more forgiving and I’d forward his test results to Barry.

(you people know I sent the email to Barry, don’t you?)

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