49 If it looks like a duck it could be a carrot

My niece (daughter) Cheryl is visiting me. She usually takes the train up from Annapolis but this time she chose another means of transportation.

While looking on the internet she realized that she could take the bus for $20. Hard to believe huh? With gas at over $4.00 a gallon.

After dropping her off, her husband, my sweet boy Brian, called me up to let me know she was on  her way. He seemed a little concerned. He said the terminal didn’t look so nice (it turns out it was a homeless shelter). But he said more brightly, almost as if to reassure himself, the bus itself looked great.

I got 2 emails from her

One said “The bus is called the Happiness 2 and everyone on it is Asian. The good part is I’m perfecting my accent”

The other said  “Do you think on the Acela the driver has headphones on, steers with garden gloves and keeps a roll of toilet paper on the dashboard to blow his nose?”

On one hand I say this wasn’t such a good idea.

On the other hand, TWENTY BUCKS!

2 thoughts on “49 If it looks like a duck it could be a carrot

  1. ROFLMAO, you know you have become my favorite blogger don’t you 🙂

    Every time I log onto my Google Reader and see a new blog from you, I take the time to read and savor your wit.

    My daughter (32) has recently ended a 5 year marriage and while no where near as traumatic as yours, I gain hope for her recovery from yours.

    Good luck with your transition and keep up the good work, cause we need you.

    • That makes me so happy. That you always get my jokes makes me even happier.
      The only thing I can tell your daughter has nothing to do with what I’m going through but more what I’ve learned from life. This too will pass and 32 is so young. The best years in her life are ahead of her.

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