53. If a hot dog is always a hot dog, what’s the point?

I decided to stop writing about my dreams.

They are so obvious anyway that it’s like reprinting my blog.

Besides Julie always says that when people tell her their dreams she wants to say

“Is this about Julie?  Will it effect Julie in any way?  Then keep it to yourself!”

Instead I’ll talk about Liz’s boyfriend David.

He came back from his business trip last night. This morning I saw him by the elevator and asked how it went.

He said  “It was great. I was with my people.  I met with this guy from blah blah blah (the blah’s are mine because who remembers). The first hour of the meeting all we talked about were guns. Later on one of the guys at the meeting said “When we’re finished we’re going to the ballet” . So I said “Does this ballet have a pole in it?” and the guy said “Bingo”

I think by ‘his people’ he means misogynist dopes.

5 thoughts on “53. If a hot dog is always a hot dog, what’s the point?

  1. Oh, dear. There he goes again. (If I could work a pole, I would; but I’m afraid I’d have to pay people to watch.) And BF brought back a nice present from his trip–a t-shirt for Rupert.

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