56. Blood is thicker than water unless blood never calls home if water doesn’t nag him to.

A few months ago I asked dave if I could use the mileage on the American Express card to go on my trip with my sister. He said yes.

Now that I’m booking the trip I wanted to call Amex to retrieve the miles.

dave is the primary on this card (more about this later) I wanted to get any information I might need to tell the credit card people before I called.

Since dave is in Japan screwing his brains out I figured I’d get a faster response if I write to his sister, Judy, and ask her for their mother’s birth date.

I sent her an email requesting this information and in the subject I wrote “Hi Sweetie”.

It says a lot about my personality that she was afraid to open it because she thought it was a virus or something and she sent me an immediate email asking if it was from me.

I assured her it was and told her that I needed the information to contact Amex.

About a half hour passed and I didn’t hear from her. Then I told her it was for a trip with my sister. Still nothing

In the meantime I sent an email to dave asking the same question.

Then I wrote another email to Judy saying that I wasn’t doing anything that dave didn’t know about.

In the meantime I looked around to see if I had the information.It turned out that it was in the family tree in dave’s baby book.

Then I got an email from Judy with her mother’s birth date in it.

At first I was kind of mad but then I realized that no matter how close we’ve always been, he’s her brother and she probably didn’t want to do anything that might hurt him. I loved her for that. I would have done the same thing.

Now as for the credit cards. Since I handled everything dealing with money in our family, the fact that dave is the primary on most of our credit cards is my doing. I don’t know why I did that, I just did it. I can’t tell you how many times I’d have to wake dave out of a sound sleep to mumble “I agree” when I’d want to change something on a credit card.

Take my advice ladies, even if your husband isn’t a sleazy shithead (or you think he isn’t) put some credit cards in your own name.

By the way, dave finally sent me his mother’s birth date and according to him she was 4 years old when he was born.

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