63. If you’re reading this, you have a nice hat.

I picked up Violet at school yesterday.

There were a million kids there and I was afraid I wouldn’t find her. Then I felt a tap on my back and that smiley face was there. Her teacher was nearby and looked at me and nodded. I found that really interesting. Each teacher actually looked at the parent or guardian before letting the kid leave. Impressive.

Kids are all different it seems (I’ve only had dogs). There was a mother near me grilling her son about his day. He clearly didn’t feel like talking or even looking at her but that didn’t stop her.

Violet however is a yapaholic. Mostly funny things about school or each kid she passed but there was one tragedy. It seems that when you forget your jacket at recess, you lose 5 minutes of recess the next day. Guess who forgot her jacket?  Naturally I comforted her by saying “Who doesn’t forget their jacket once in awhile? Jeez! seems a little strict.” I know she liked that because she repeated it to her father when we got home.

Speaking of home, while we were walking she asked me about 3 times if I would come up to the house and spend a little time before going back to my house. It seems she had a lot more talking to do. Each time she asked me that she put her arm around my waist and hugged me.

Now did I shove her away and tell her not to be so clingy or did I kiss her and kiss her?

We went into a store to buy a present and Miss Smiley Face walked around chatting with the other patrons and trying to select the perfect gift for herself.

I was a shy kid. Even now I don’t like to go to parties where I don’t know people.

I learned something very useful from Liz. I once watched her at a party and while I sat alone  sullenly sipping my drink and sitting in the corner, she did the room. She walked up to one older woman (she was probably 10 years younger than I am now) and said “What a lovely hat” and they chatted away. Now I compliment strangers on their hats even if they aren’t wearing one.

I have no ability for small talk so this was a good thing to learn.

Whenever I’m put in a position to make idle conversation something nutty comes out of my mouth.

One time in Cincinnati dave and I were at a concert or something and dave introduced me to the wife of his music teacher from high school (the guy was long dead by then). She went on and on at how dave was always at their house shmoozing (my word, not hers) about music.

Now I have no idea why I said this but my response to her was “Well I hope he didn’t steal anything”.

“Oh no, no, he didn’t” She answered. I bet she replayed that conversation in her head over and over. I know I did.

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