69. And 10 steps back

I just got an email from someone from the office that dave works out of.

An excerpt from it was:

“I wanted to let you know, that Dave just sent A group letter to the office  about his life in Japan. He’s living in a small town now, the point being he also says in the letter he regrets causing you so much pain etc. etc.. (if you’d like to see the letter, let me know>)  I don’t know if you’re interested.  Would love to see you.  Let’s get together.”

I feel like throwing up.

I don’t know what is upsetting me so much. I can’t stop shaking. Well I did stop for a long enough time to forward the letter to him and say

“You fucking schmuck. How many ways can you think of to humiliate me?”

My lawyer’s right. I don’t know him at all.

A group fucking letter. Who would have thought he’d even think of something like that.

By the way. I sent the papers to my lawyer today.

5 thoughts on “69. And 10 steps back

  1. Roll with the punches and you’ll come up just fine.

    Don’t ever think about him trying to humiliate you, live your own life and hold your head high. What on earth have you done which could cause the least bit of uncomfortable feelings … NOTHING! My advice is put it out of mind, and concentrate on you not what someone else said. If the person in the office is someone you would enjoy seeing reply to them, if not let it go into the great recycle bin in the sky.

    You are the only one you have to care about, if they don’t fit in your world, well they lose. 🙂 Be happy

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