68.I just had a thought. What if Jacob becomes a Met? Who cares about going to Citifield?

I had another bad dream last night but true to my word I won’t recount it. Let’s just say that sluthead was french in it and we were all on the boat.

Now that I’m an object of pity and I have a guest room so many people in my family are coming to visit that I bought more sheets yesterday.

I actually used my pathetic situation in Bloomingdales and the salesman gave me yesterday’s sale price for the sheets. Maybe I should invest in some pride rather than linens. Nah.

Miss Julie’s back from her book tour. She said thank you for playing with her family while she was gone. Although there isn’t enough gratitude in the world to pay me back for the 3 1/2 hours I spent at Crapfest (Violet kept stubbornly correcting me and calling it Harvestfest).

Spending so much time with my family especially the little kids has given me one of my epiphanies. No matter how you try they do what they want. You can plan and plan and they just slap you in the face which is why I am glad I have dogs.

7 thoughts on “68.I just had a thought. What if Jacob becomes a Met? Who cares about going to Citifield?

  1. Then again, I think it’s good that the kids have their own will and do what they want. This means they’ll most likely go their own way and not always listen to the cr*p other people say sometimes.

  2. I guess I can relate to kids not listening, because I’ve had a mind of my own early on :-). I know that it can be really hard for people dealing with kids when those kids insist on doing things their way, even when it’s obvious for adults that this is not a good idea. I guess you just have to deal with it and I think it makes you stronger as well.
    At least there is a pet obedience school where you can learn how to handle your dog, there is no such thing with kids :-)…

  3. Wait, you mean your kids are supposed to listen to you?

    Why didn’t someone tell me this 35 years ago when it would have donee some good 🙂

  4. I just started teaching my dog “sit” last week. She’s nine. My kids can sit, but not on command. Maybe freeze-dried Liver Treats™ work on grown children as well as they work on superannuated canines.

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