71. I know he’s dead but I’m still hoping that Elvis finds me attractive

I always felt superior to friends who were not married.

I had read that marriages have a 50% chance of failing but I still considered mine a permanent situation.

Now I look at every couple as having one foot in the divorce court and the other on a banana peel.

In fact those unmarried women that I used to pity are in a better position than I am because they spent all this time building up careers and all seem very comfortable in their skins.

I have to re-invent myself.

I know that this particular blog is getting boring.

BUT I may be able to save it!

I just had dinner with my niece Cheryl and we decided that this summer she and I are going to Graceland.

I know my nephew, Joe and his wife offered to take me and I hope he’ll meet us there but this seems like too great to miss.

You all know how I love Elvis and I’m pretty sure he won’t rest in peace until I put a rose or a matzoh on his grave.

The blog is still boring but now I have something to look forward to after my trip with my sister.

10 thoughts on “71. I know he’s dead but I’m still hoping that Elvis finds me attractive

  1. That wasn’t boring – it’s a really interesting thing about feeling superior and having that thing taken away. When I was a kid I always thought I was so lucky to have such a caring mother, then she left me at burger king.

  2. OK. I just decided to read your blog from the office where I’m supposed to be making money for my company. They can wait. You are not boring. Not even a dollop of boring in your blog or tweets. You are very, very smart and witty. That’s all I wanted to say, except for the following.

    As far as whathisname and crapface go, they will live a very boring life together. Trust me. I know these things. No, I am not a crapface, but I do know a few.

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