78. Thank you for only being a partial prick

When I think I”m beginning to miss dave I try to remember why he isn’t here.

I reread my blog today and as I did , many of those moments came back to me.

One thing I didn’t mention was that when we started talking about dividing our assets and giving me money to live on after he leaves, dave said

“You should be grateful that I don’t just move to Japan and not tell you where I am. You’d never find me.”

he added, “of course I’d never do that”

I’m missing him less already.

Thanks, blog.

4 thoughts on “78. Thank you for only being a partial prick

  1. first of all, you would be able to find him. he’s an entertainer, right. and, you know his group. who was he kidding? he can’t survive without your help. that was an immature thing for him to say. the problem is he gets you where it hurts, your heart. he’s mean!!

  2. “of course I would never do that”……just the fact that he even SAID it, makes me think “who knows??”
    would’ve NEVER thought he’d do what he did do. Take action to protect yourself!!!! Obviously,
    his word means shit!!! xoxo

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