79. I can’t think of one funny title for this.

I almost killed Rupert today.

Liz has been working later and later. It was 8 a.m. and she still wasn’t home. Although I almost always give Rupert dinner, I never give him breakfast.

Since I know Liz sprinkles his arthritis medicine on his morning food, I called her at her office to ask where his pills were.

She said “I’ll be home soon so you don’t have to bother” but I insisted so she told me the pills were on the shelf above the toaster.

I found the bottle and was a little surprised that there was only one bottle because I knew he usually took 2 different pills.

Do I have to go any further.

Liz came home an hour later and she wasn’t there for more than 10 minutes when Rupert started shaking and shaking.

It came on so suddenly that Liz said “Let me see the pill you put in his food.”

When I saw her face after showing her the bottle I knew I had made a terrible mistake. I had given him a diet pill.

We decided to take him to the Animal Medical Center immediately.  She put him in her backpack and went on her scooter and I ran there with his carriage.

I don’t really believe in God but I prayed all the way over. “Please don’t let him die”

I was praying and crying when I finally got there. Liz was already in a room with a vet.

She called to me. “He’s going to be fine. He already threw up most of his breakfast and they’re just going to watch him for a few hours.”

Another vet came in and asked permission to call poison control.

I felt faint.

They said the bill might be about $800 and before they would begin treatment we would have to approve that amount.

Although Liz objected I insisted on giving my credit card.

There is truly no amount of money I wouldn’t have paid for him to be okay.

We went home after being told that they would call us when his heart rate and blood pressure returned to normal.

I was supposed to pick up my nephew at the airport but I texted him that I couldn’t come. It was already too late to get there in time.

The end of this story is anticlimactic. We picked up Rupe at 1 p.m.and wheeled him home in his carriage. He was a little weak but he seemed okay.

Liz, dead on her feet, took her pup and they both went to bed.

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