84. And above all only Disney movies

The other day someone who reads my blog said that a friend of his was just told by her husband that he’s leaving. He suggested that she read my blog, thinking that it might give her comfort to hear that someone is going through the same thing. He thought that she might get some insight from reading how I’m dealing with it.

Hearing this filled me with sympathy and grief. I thought about how scared she must be and I knew that she had so much to go through before she even reached where I am and I’m an open wound that has learned that I have no choice but to go on.

The last thing she should do is read my blog. It won’t make her feel better. It will just pour salt in her wound.

If I watch Dr Phil and there is any discussion of divorce, it’s painful to me. Salt

“Desperate Housewives” has a couple who are breaking up and the husband is dating. Salt

My friends talking about their husbands as in  ” ___  and I hated that movie” Salt

Here’s my advice.

What she really should do is go to a shrink who gives medication.

Only when her hands stop shaking and when she can wake up without that sinking feeling and when she can stop thinking and thinking so she can sleep can she deal.

Then she can protect herself from the rest.

4 thoughts on “84. And above all only Disney movies

    • Barbara, one of the best things about this whole thing is it brought you more in my life. and hearing from yours and mac’s kids has been wonderful.
      I love you so much and I’m so proud to be related to you.

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