85.And don’t start telling me that I’m enough unadorned because I ain’t buyin’ it

I used to get in trouble a lot when I was in grade school.

Seventh grade was my worst year. We had a very weak teacher who took over mid year and in an attempt to make is like her taught us chess and gave each kid 10 jelly beans at the end of the day for being good. She would take away one jelly bean for every rule broken each day.

Since I thought I was such a scream, I never once got a jelly bean. I remember my mother told me that the teacher complained to her that I was the only girl that was as bad as the boys when it came to cutting up.

Which brings me to the point of today’s writings.

Whenever my mother had to go to school for any of us she’d pile on the diamonds for intimidation. I guess that’s where I got my love for big flashy diamonds. I’ll take a big one with a slightly yellow tint over a small tasteful pure white any day.

And whether there’s any reality to it or not when I return something to a store or have to complain about something I feel oh so much better about it if I’m wearing my jewelry.

Listen, I know this doesn’t make me likable but I am what I am.

Back to my point.

Soon I’m going to have to stop wearing my wedding and engagement rings. Then who will I be?

10 thoughts on “85.And don’t start telling me that I’m enough unadorned because I ain’t buyin’ it

  1. Who says you have to stop wearing them? And would you consider having them remade? My grandmother was the same way – never went to the bank without dolling up and putting on her best jewelry. Me, I usually only remember I have jewelry when my daughter points it out.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking a big ole diamond stud in a nose piercing would be awesome 🙂

    And you’d be recycling!

  3. I say melt it down and make a bellybutton ring or a big beautiful chunk of diamond and ring on the other hand. – or trade it all in for a different bigger diamond – funny Marcia said the same thing to me about the big yellow vs. small white!

  4. why do you think you have to stop wearing them. put them on the other
    hand if it makes you feel better, or not. they’re your rings and you
    love wearing them . continue to flash them in good health !!! don’t give
    his insane decision any more power!!!!!!

  5. Why do you think that it makes you less likable to others if you wear your jewelry when going out? We are all individuals and you are the only one to decide on YOUR life. Other people prefer going to the store in a tracksuit and you do it this way.

  6. I thought we had cleared this up already. Those rings and rocks are yours, baby! And mine may be tasteful, but let’s not call it “small.” And I don’t take “diet” pills (previous post). Who’s this blog about, anyway? xoxo

  7. Pretty soon Mattie, you will have to change your blog to: 67andfeelingprettydamnedgood. you’ll get there sugah, i know you will.

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