88.I’d like to do something to improve my neck, maybe bedazzle it.

Usually when I sit down to write my blog it’s because I have a something specific to say. I’m not sure that’s the case today. I just have fleeting thoughts that I want to write about or as my sister, Phyllis used to say “Throw something up the flagpole and see what sticks”. It seemed to make sense when she said it.

My nephew Eric, I still call him that even though his name has been Yitzhak for over 35 years, just went back to Israel.

It was a really good visit and in his email on his return he said that he just realized that when he spoke to his children about his trip he kept referring to my house as home.

I really felt good about that. The other kids seem more comfortable coming to stay too. I’m wondering if the absence of dave has something to do with that.

he was more than welcoming so it could be something as simple as now there is a guest room.

dave walked around all night talking to Japan and writing music and at about 3 a.m. he would make himself eggs or something to eat. When people are sleeping in the living room that can be disturbing.

But I’d like to think it’s because they feel so close to me that there are no eggshells to walk on.

There’s something else I’ve been thinking of.  dave is coming back to New York in January. The months are passing quickly. It seems like he only left a little while ago.

Again I say I don’t want him back but I wish I’d look much better when he returns so he’ll feel a little bad about leaving me.

I’d like to be skinnier. I wish I had the nerve and money to get a face lift.

Who am I kidding?  The time will pass and he’ll come back to the same old me.

8 thoughts on “88.I’d like to do something to improve my neck, maybe bedazzle it.

  1. I love “improvements”. So getting skinnier , or paying attention and getting results
    is uplifting and invigorating!!!

    So do it for YOU, NOT HIM!! ;o)

  2. Mattie, I can’t imagine there’s anything you would have to do to improve yourself. With your personality, you could have an extra eyeball, and no one would notice. How Dave walked away from you is beyond me.

    • You always wonder about the people who are reading your blog. Julie told me today that You are everything you seem to be. Sweet and kind and smart. Oh yes and pretty.
      Thank you so much for all your comments.

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