89. My First Thanksgiving. Check.

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.

My yearly Thanksgiving joke is that to commemorate the Indians that “welcomed” the Pilgrims I always serve indian food.

Since I’m the most centrally located my whole family gathers here  for most holidays.

To my never ending delight Brian and Cheryl and their 2 girls always stay here. This year my sister and brother in law are sleeping over too. My house is full of people I love so I shouldn’t be lonely.

How come I am?

Actually this morning I woke up thinking this was  the first time since dave left that I had a good dream.

I was sitting at the dining room table. Liz was over playing “Words withIdiots” as she likes to say. Sadie and Lily were playing with their computers, Brian was trying on a new outfit to see if we thought he looked as fabulous as he thought he did (he was right), their dog Burt was staring at me to make sure that if I wanted to give out treats he was right there to receive them and Rupert was shredding tissues under the table just because.

All of a sudden I felt a wave of loneliness float over me.

I was trying to figure out why. Although dave always looked forward to hosting these holidays he did little to help. In fact waking him up in time was always a trial.

Maybe it’s because I got a call from American Express for him. It was about his personal card and since I’m not handling payment it could be that he’s late. In either event they wouldn’t talk to me about it so I just emailed him to call them.

I wonder if he even remembers that it’s Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “89. My First Thanksgiving. Check.

  1. Everyone always say the holidays are always “loaded” with expectations, and we are disappointed when we are not sitting around Norman Rockwell’s table. Let’s get loaded…just a little bit!

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