90. An IOU? Don’t be silly. Your word is your bond.

Today is Thanksgiving.

I was worried that dave wouldn’t remember me on the holiday.

How silly of me. We were together for 45 years and never spent a Thanksgiving apart.

I was so pleased to see that he sent an email to me this morning .

Unfortunately it said:

” i’m going to need some more money. i guess $15,000 will handle it for a while. do you need me to send you an iou by email?”

$15,000? $15,000???  For awhile????

What on earth is he spending all this money on? He must be supporting slutface’s whole family.

I guess that we’re lucky that I handled the money all these years.

10 thoughts on “90. An IOU? Don’t be silly. Your word is your bond.

  1. Cannot believe this. Utterly unbelievable. Is he unable to work in Japan? My brain is screaming, “Don’t give him a dime,” but my heart knows you will.

  2. Well, isn’t he a piece of work. He’s making me very cranky, and he didn’t even ask “me” for the money. I’m quite sure he’s donating all that cash to the Fukushima earthquake victims…not.

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