106 Up down up up down up up up up down……up up up

So how was yesterday?

It sucked.

The guys arrived over an hour and a half later than they said they were coming. Jim who is close to 70, I think, brought a guy with muscles that wouldn’t quit to do the heavy lifting. He only spoke once to say thank you when I made them lunch.

When he got here he said that dave hadn’t given him enough money so I gave him an extra $400. Later I found that dave had already given him $1100. When I saw the amount of work involved I realized he earned every cent of it.

I packed up the clothes and they packed the music.

There were more than 25 boxes in the end. It took 2 cars to bring it to the storage.

The next bit I have no defense for.

I packed dave’s folded clothes in separate labeled bags. One bag for boat clothes, one for shirts etc. Oh yeah and one bag for jackets and wedding cake decorations.

At first I was just doing it by rote as if I were packing him for a tour. One difference was that I didn’t slip papers through his bags saying “I love you” the way I always did.

All of a sudden I asked myself why I was doing this. Most wives in my position would be shoving it all in garbage bags. Then I answered that if I didn’t do it this way he wouldn’t know what he had. And then I realized that now he has someone else to go through the bags to find what he needs.

That’s when I put the wedding cake chatchke in.

Last night Julie sent me an email asking how it went.

I answered her:

It’s all creepy and dusty in there.

Plus it isn’t totally finished

Plus I had to drive them to the storage

Plus there was so much traffic that I had to drive home in the dark.

Plus it proves that he’s gone for good and doesn’t care about me and I keep thinking that I already know this but maybe I don’t.

But it sinks in more every day.

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