107. How much is the lipstick? A bit of pride? Sold!

I went to Bloomingdales the day before yesterday to buy some make up with a gift card I had.

The salesgirl was trying to talk me into buying this very expensive moisturizer. I kept saying no but she didn’t really want to take no for an answer.

She proceeded to tell me all the reasons why it was imperative that I make this purchase. From crappy pores to wrinkles that won’t quit. I’ve always felt that the women in make up departments train in Auschwitz and go right to Saks.

Finally I said that since my husband had left me after 36 years I simply couldn’t afford it. And I burst into tears.

The lady from Clinique wrapped her arms around me and held me for about 3 minutes.

She threw a bunch of free samples in my bag and I went on my way.

I think I’ll hit Bergdorf’s next

4 thoughts on “107. How much is the lipstick? A bit of pride? Sold!

  1. I know you and Lew are having a moment here; and Lew, you’re the greatest. Such a sweetie, everybody. Miss Mattie, let’s take ourselves to the DR and buy some of the exact same creams and put them in the fancy department store pots. That’s what Pops would say and he knows from soft skin. I don’t get a penny to say this, but Ponds and Vaseline rule. (Lew, take care of those million dollar lips of yours.) xo

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