108 Plotz. def: Jewish version of the “vapors”

When you hear what my plans are for today you will plotz.

I am going to try to pick up the carpeting in the guest bedroom (dave’s ex office) BY MYSELF and then replace it with an area rug.

I’ll give it a try now. Be back in a minute.

Oy.(I just turned into my mother).

I pulled a little piece up and there are wooden strips all around the wall. WITH NAILS STICKING UP.

In order to do this job correctly I have to list the pros and cons..


1. I’m 67. I’ll be 68 in January (no presents please)

2. There is a piano and a huge desk in there. I will have to cut around them and leave the carpeting under it.

3. The floor must be cooty-eyed underneath the carpet so I’ll have to clean it before putting down the area rug.

4. I’m thinkin’ that the carpet must be pretty heavy. I wonder if I can drag it out. (see #1)


1. I have moxie


I’m off to Home Depot to get a carpet slicer or whatever you call it.

5 thoughts on “108 Plotz. def: Jewish version of the “vapors”

  1. You go girl- slice it up into itty bitty pieces and throw one a day into the incinerator (do they still have those) – like drs orders.
    Love patty

  2. And how’s that working for you? I really like the bright green Astroturf at the HD across the street. I think it will make the flowers on the new comforter really pop. xo

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