113.I’m bumming out my whole family since I been dumped

This morning my niece Stephanie called and while we were talking she mentioned that she had a terrible nightmare last night.

It had to do with losing 2 things and being in danger of losing the third. And her going to my mother’s house in Florida to pick up the things my  mother left  and since she had no money she had no place to put them.

She said she was overwhelmed with grief and she couldn’t shake it when she woke up.

I explained that it was clearly me she was worried about. She lost my mother and my sister, Iris her mother and I was all she had left.

She clearly feels responsible for me.

And not just Steph.

My sister calls me 10 times a day.

My nephew Brian never takes a car trip that he doesn’t call me and talk to me until his arrival.

Julie feels like she has to drag me to anything that seems like the slightest bit fun.

Matthew who is as hard to corner as a butterfly is visiting me on Christmas day.

My niece, Randy came down and weeded my whole terrace.

My nephew Barry, in Oregon calls me “just to chat”

The rest of them just call to make sure that I’m not sobbing in my closet and I know they all talk to each other to check on that.

And don’t get me started on my friends and David.

There is only one solution.

One of you losers who reads my blog better kill dave and marry me.

Case closed.

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “113.I’m bumming out my whole family since I been dumped

  1. Well, I can handle the dispatch of he who’s name must not be mentioned (we boys from Tennessee have skills you know), but I doubt my wife would go for the second part (lol)

    And you’re not bumming anyone out, it’s called love 🙂

  2. You’re so stupid, Mattie. The whole family is SO HAPPY to have you to ourselves and not have to share you with Cap’n Crud. Do you think there is anything that makes me happier than seeing your face at my lame-o events with a big bottle of wine between us?

  3. My honey always wanted a second wife – will you marry us cause you make us laugh and we need a funny one who can write, besides your sister has already adopted me so it would be just like sister wives.

  4. Sorry, No interest in marrying you ;-).
    I think it’s hard for your relatives to know how to behave in that situation. They are trying very hard to show you you are not alone. That can be a little annoying for you (that’s at least my experience ;-)). I hope they’ll find a good balance between taking care of you and letting you live your own life.

  5. mattie, i don’t call you, though i think of you every day. david did the unthinkable ( besides murder). he was no sminger! we all love you! who is funnier & sweeter than you? ( well maybe marcia & julie) xxx

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