114. His new babe better be organized and smart as well as whorey

Miss Liz gave me the greatest gift.

One of the early Nancy Drew books, “The Secret of the Old Clock”.

It made me cry because that was my first book obsession. When I was little they were $.99.

Once a year the bookstore had a sale. Buy one get a second for $.01. I’d run home at top speed and tell my dad and he’d give me a dollar so I could run back and buy 2 books.

David keeps saying he bought me a present but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m sure it will be equally thoughtful.

Now enough of those hearts and roses. Back to my latest epiphany.

I have definitely decided, well ‘definitely’ might be a little strong, but I really think I have decided not to do dave’s business after all this is settled.

Every time I get an email from him no matter the subject I get a sinking feeling.

Who needs that?

So he’ll have to depend on himself and sluthead to take care of his tours etc.

At least I think that’s what I’ll do. The only thing stopping me is that then I’ll have to count on him to send me my share of the publishing. Even worse, I’ll have to depend on crapneck and I know she isn’t looking to make my life better.

Any more thought of one of you guys giving him a dirt nap? Or maybe just giving his stuff a dirt nap.

Just askin’

3 thoughts on “114. His new babe better be organized and smart as well as whorey

  1. Do you generate any of your income from doing his management? If so, can you manage with out it?

    How about setting up a business email and have someone you trust monitor it, delete the crap & forward you the “business” stuff.

    Finally, suggest to him there is a wonderful anchorage just off Captiva Island where he should spend some time. My friend Doc Ford & I will arrange the nap (ROFL). I love Julie’s books but Randy Wayne White is awesome too, & local to us Sanibel/Captiva Floridians 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I generate any income. I do know I make things run smoother.
    Anyway tho I know everyone knows I’m only kidding about the nap. Maybe I’d better stop joking about it. I don’t want the feds to knock on my door:)

  3. I meant does the business pay you anything for your services. If not I’d suggest just stopping, he’ll figure it out after about 6 months with no bookings 🙂

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