117. And Neil Diamond can kiss my ass too.

So I’m watching the Kennedy Honors last night.

I was absolutely loving it.

It was only when they got to Yo Yo Ma that I had one of my epiphanies.

Yo Yo Ma or as I like to call him, Yo seemed absolutely joyous. His music was transcending. You could see that it was part of him. And I recognized the look.

The total absorption and happiness at listening to his own music and loving his ability to make it. It was dave I was seeing.

Funny it didn’t hit me with Sonny Rollins or Neil Diamond.

In truth I had been thinking of dave’s career as probably on a downward turn. He is, after all,  turning 70 in a few months but who knows. He could get a hit record or a Grammy or something.

And my eyes moved from the sweet face of Yo , gliding over Meryl Streep and honing in on Neil Diamond.

Didn’t I read that a few years ago he  had dumped his long time wife and married that japanese, I mean blonde floozy who stood behind him, patting him on the shoulder and basking in his success.

If dave doesn’t want me to come and beat him and fuckface to bloody pulps, his best days better be behind him.

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