118.A typical end of the year post but with the word “fuck” in it.

Probably most blogs start with “Whew what a year!” or “Here are my New Year’s resolutions” so since I want to be one of the crowd…

Whew what a year.

Now let’s see what’s happened this year that’s different from previous years.

1. I got a new guest room

2. I started taking mental patient pills.

3. I’m seeing a lot more of my family.

4. I’ve taken up cocktailing

5. I started a blog and strangers write to me.

I think that’s about it.

Now resolutions…

1. the usual:

Get rid of clutter, lose weight, be more active, kill dave,  see more movies, throw away my set of dishes and replace them with single dishes that I like, take up a new hobby.

That pretty much covers it.

I have kind of a full day today. I’m taking Liz’s David to the chiropractor.

He doesn’t really want me to come because as he says, he doesn’t really like to be with me and it would be too complicated explaining my presence.

I told him he can say I’m his caregiver or au pair. Anyway I’m going whether he wants me to or not.

I’m the one who convinced him to go to begin with. He’s been limping around for days and he refused to go to a chiropractor because he says they are like witch doctors.

I think the thing that finally convinced him was that this morning Liz said the word fuck to him as in “I asked you 3 times if you wanted eggs and you said no so now you want them? I’m not making you any fucking eggs” Liz NEVER curses.

He immediately picked up the phone and called for an appointment since he had clearly used up any sympathy he had with her.

I’m going with him in case he tips over or something. I told him I would let him go into the examination room alone but maybe just to piss him off I’ll elbow my way in there and every time the chiropractor asks him a question I’ll answer for him

This year is already ending better than last year.

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