132. It may be too dark to get a divorce

So I was listening to the Italian Coast Guard trying to talk the captain of the sunken ship into getting back on the ship so he could organize the rescue of the people still on the boat. Tell them how many women, how many children etc.

Even without the translation you could hear the fury in the voice of the guy from the Coast Guard and the sniveling tone of the captain saying that one of the reasons he didn’t want to get back on the ship was because it was dark.

“Oh poor thing, it’s dark. You want to go home?” he mimicked him.

Now don’t think  I don’t know that this is a big leap but remember I told you that I re-read my blog the other day?

Well I was embarrassed at how much I was whining about my fear of being poor.

The truth is I won’t poor. I’ll be poorer.

I won’t be able to pick up checks but I’ll be able to eat.

I will have a roof over my head.

I won’t be using Lancome. I’ll suffer with Revlon.

Anyway, you get the point.

That captain was afraid to get on the ship because it might sink further?

The damn thing was aground.  He could get on the part that’s still above the water. There were people in the lower part that didn’t fare as well.

Now that I’m reading this I’m thinking I’m a pretty great guy and I’d remain that way in your eyes if I didn’t write the next sentence.

I still can’t be cavalier about the no Bounty. That cheap shit sucks.

3 thoughts on “132. It may be too dark to get a divorce

  1. The biggest arguments my wife and I have are over her insistence in going to Dollar General Store and buying the cheapest toilet paper she can find!

    I feel your pain 🙂

  2. Mattie, I hope you can stick with the Bounty. They do go on sale occasionally. Come to think of it, Brawny is pretty good too. Not sure which one is the quicker picker upper, but they’re both good.

    The Italian captain is a selfish coward, in my opinion. I work for a captain, and he said that what this man did is the most despicable act imaginable among mariners. I thought throwing stowaways overboard was the worst, but apparently abandoning ship is the lowest of the low. Not that I think it’s ok to throw someone overboard. Heaven forbid!

    I don’t think the Italian captain will ever be able to show his face in public ever again, and he shouldn’t.

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