133.A man walked into a bar with a rabbit on his head

Liz’s David says I should join a group so I can make some more friends. I’m thinking that he just wants me to leave him and Liz alone although he says it’s because he’s sick of hearing about the same 2 friends all the time. Susan and Ronnie, Susan and Ronnie.

He says it’s pathetic that my family and these 2 girls make up my close circle.

It’s true that Susan is my best friend and Ronnie is a close second but I do have other girlfriends that I really care about, Carol, Ginny, Marlene (I’m sure I can come up with a few more names).

No need to dwell  on what a huge part my family has always played in my life, Sisters, nieces, nephews,cousins, step daughter. I’ve told you all about them through this blog.

I never had a lot of close friends.

When I think of Susan I could say so much about why we’re so close but they would sound like descriptions of any friend. We laugh together, we have fun, we agree on many things and understand each others positions on the things we don’t agree on.

I remember many years ago we were in a club listening to our husbands playing jazz. We looked around the room at other young girls sitting there and almost at the same time said “Now why would anyone be listening to this shit  if they didn’t have to ?” That was a solidifying moment.

But if I were to say why she’s my best friend it would have to be because of this and what this symbolizes.

2 dogs ago I had a basset hound named Norman. I adored him. He was getting old and he needed his teeth cleaned. I didn’t sleep the night before. I was sure he’d be terrified to be left in a strange place without me.

I got to the vet’s office a little early and I was shaking. When I walked into the office, Susan was sitting there.

She didn’t ask me if she should come because she knew I’d say no. It has always been very hard for me to accept help.

She also knew how scared I was so she was just there. I still remember the relief I felt seeing her.

I have another good friend named Sue. She’s been my friend since the 6th grade. We don’t see each other very often but whenever we talk it’s like the old days when we’d sit around watching American Bandstand and asking each other “Who should we call?”.

Although I was always known as the “funny” one, I always knew that Sue was way funnier than I was.

When we were about 16 I had my junior driving license. Sue and I were in my mother’s car (without my mother) waiting for someone to pull out of a parking space so I could pull in. It was a narrow street so I pulled into the pump in front so they could get out. Before I could back up into the space another car fronted in and took it.

We told her we were waiting for that space and she just got out of her car and said “Sorry, I’m in a hurry”.

Well we were peeved. We went up to Sue’s house and planned our revenge. We were going to write on her car with lipstick.

Since the parking space was right in front of Sue’s apartment house and we didn’t want her doorman to see us we decided to put on disguises.

I took blue cream eyeshadow and put it on my lips. Then I put red lipstick and put it on my eyelids. Then I put a lampshade on my head.

Sue changed from a red sweater to a red sweatshirt.

2 thoughts on “133.A man walked into a bar with a rabbit on his head

  1. awwwwwwww!!!!!
    i wish i could say something clever and funny like in a mannie world where everybody’s that, but
    all i am feeling is “awwwwww”……… gosh darn it!!!! ;o)

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