134 Some of my best friends are jews but some of their best friends aren’t me.

Today I went into Liz and David’s house to as I say “share the morning” as David says “bust in”.

I was glad to see that David was sitting in his chair dressed for work because he’s real touchy about me strolling in when he’s coming out of the shower even though I’ve told him many times that he doesn’t have anything I haven’t seen before.

I digress. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a tie and I remarked on it.

He said it’s because he has a meeting with a jewish guy this morning who never wears a tie so he considers this appropriate dress.

“This guy is really plugged in with all the big jewish money”.

He’s thinking that if he dresses casually it will curry favor. I suggested that if he brings me along that would really impress him. He could pretend that he knows a jew.

“I know 3 jews.” he protested.

” If I include your family I know a shitload of jews. Did they turn Matt’s wife? I know they turned Cheryl but those two look like WASPS if I’ve ever seen one.”

“They’ll be thrilled to hear that” Any sarcasm in my voice is wasted on him.

But he didn’t want to offend so he said “I think jews are a fine race. Many of them are very smart.”

I’m clearly not one of the smart ones because I love the guy.

5 thoughts on “134 Some of my best friends are jews but some of their best friends aren’t me.

  1. I need to make it clear that the two of them are tossing slow, soft pitches to each other all the time. And then they wonder why I disappear for 30 minutes at a time! I’d like to steal Carson’s line, “my mortification is complete”; but I really don’t think it is.

    • As you know, Miss Liz, I am completely blameless in this. He talks and I take it down. If I asked for his input he’d just make it worse. AND maybe if you didn’t disappear so much you could give him that look you have. Ah who’m I kidding, you couldn’t stop either one of us.

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