135. Rupert spent the weekend working on his backhand.

I wonder who’s luckier, Kenny G’s wife being dumped by a mediocre musician with a shitload of money or me being dumped by a great musician with not so much money?

This is a no brainer. Obviously Kenny G’s wife and besides I never met a musician’s wife who didn’t think her husband was incredibly gifted so for all I know dave’s a hack so being dumped by a hack with no dough is a double whammy.

But probably she’s as happy to not have to go to his Muzak concerts as I am to be rid of listening to jazz.

This is a straight doo wop house from now on.

Anyway back to me.

This was an interesting weekend because it was the first time I didn’t have to be anywhere or worry about leaving anyone alone (you know who you are Rupert.)

The funny thing is that I had a hard time getting it into my head.

I went to the bookstore, one of my favorite things to do, and I found myself hurrying to pick out books. Then I reminded myself that Rupert was in the Hamptons and no one was waiting for me at home. Instead of feeling sad I felt really free.

I sat down and read the beginnings of books to see if I really liked them. I put 2 of them back. Usually I don’t do that until I get home and then I’m stuck with them.

When dave and I were dating we used to go to Brentano’s in the Village and he’d buy me piles of books. I was in heaven ( he was Dave then). Of course every carrot has a stick (is that a saying?) because after that we’d go to hear jazz at a club nearby.

One time dave was playing at that same place with a trio and some guy jumped out of a window while he was running away from the police. He broke his leg and screaming he crawled into the club with the cops hot on his tail.

They called for an ambulance and while they were waiting the band kept playing and the guy kept yelling. Finally the cop leaned over and said “why don’t you shut up and enjoy the music. It the last you’re going to hear for a long time”

Good times.

One thought on “135. Rupert spent the weekend working on his backhand.

  1. You might want to try Housing Works Used Bookstore cafe. Not only is a fantasy bookstore come to life, books are cheap, the money you spend goes to a good cause (homeless with aids/hiv) and when you are finished with them (or decide you don’t like them after chapter one), you can re-donate them back to the store.

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