136. My word is my bologna sandwich, I mean bond.

I’m on an Amtrak train on my way to visit my sister.

Before I got on I bought an egg white wrap to eat on the train.

Just as the doors closed a skinny kid with a sparse mustache sat next to me. I heard him tell the kid across the way that he had bought 65 packs of cigarettes. His friend said “You could sell them when we get to school”

He answered “No I want to smoke them”

Normally I would give him a lecture on the dangers of smoking but all I could think of was how could I eat my sandwich without this skinny kid seeing me.

I used to love train travel but that was before I found out that I snore. I spent the whole 4 hour trip trying to keep awake even though I had gotten up before 6.

I keep getting emails from different people about some business that is going awry.

Even though I try to be very open in my blog I can’t talk about this because I promised not to. Unfortunately I forgot who I promised not to tell who about what so I’m gun shy about discussing anything.

In fact when the conductor came and asked me what stop I was getting off at I said “What’s it to you?”

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