137 Sometimes Cleanliness is next to Stupidness

Anyone who read my niece’s book “Please Excuse My Daughter” would know that my sister, like myself, is a Saks kind of girl but since she’s moved to the boonies you wouldn’t recognize her.

We were leaving her house this morning so she could drive me to the train to get back home. Even the train is a million miles away from her house. I think locally they travel by beaver.

As she gets in the car I reminded her that she wanted to get the car washed on the way to the station.

“Oh right” she says and jumps out of the car and grabs a towel.

“What’s that for?”

“To dry the car”


She just looked at me with disgust.

Then we get to the car wash place which is simply a tin something.

She gets out of the car. May I note that she’s dressed almost entirely in Ralph Lauren because she had a Library meeting to go to after she dropped me off.

I said “Let me help you” and I started to get out of the car but she put up her hand to stop me because “They only have one hose”

There were signs all over the place with a lot of rules and directions.

They say to clean the brush with the hose before attaching it. Oops no brush.

Marcia explained that not all the tin things have brushes and if we weren’t in such a hurry she would have checked first.

The car looked pretty good when we left and as if to convince me that it’s a great find she said that you can hang your floor mats up on hooks and wash them too.

That is when they replace the hooks. Probably after they replace the brushes.


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