139.What have I learned from writing a blog? That a lot is 2 words.

Rupert is going to the beauty parlor today.

This gives me mixed feelings. I feel sorry for him because he hates it but I can go out without watching him pressing himself against the wall and staring at me sadly.

He didn’t have such a great day yesterday though. He fell out of his carriage into a puddle. He wasn’t hurt at all but I drew a lot of odd looks when I scooped him up and hugged him in my arms crooning “You poor thing. Are you alright?”

He said nothing.

I have a fabulous day planned for today.

I’m going to Brooklyn with my friend Ronnie. We’re going to get our nails done and visit her mother in law in the nursing home. Then we may meet Lizzie for dinner since David is away on business.

I know visiting Dave Taylor’s mother may not seem like fun to a lot of people but the woman is a sketch.

She’s real mean and feels totally okay about showing it.

As soon as you get there she starts bitching about why you haven’t come sooner and how thoughtless her family is except for anyone who is related to the people who aren’t there. For example even though Dave and Ronnie’s kids visit her all the time, she talks about how great her other grand children are.

It used to piss Ronnie off until I suggested she probably does the same thing to the others.

She doesn’t hear well so she talks in a very loud voice about what a bunch of dopes are in the place with her but she seems to have a lot of friends and keeps busy playing cards.

When I’m there I like to agree with her. She’s exactly the kind of old person I want to be.

Wait, I already am old and mean is just around the corner.

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